Site Stewardship - Protecting the Past for the Future!

Site stewards are committed to preserving the amazing cultural resources in Northwest New Mexico by carrying out activities that reduce the destruction and vandalism of archaeological and historic sites.  Our goal is to:

  • Increase public awareness of the significance of these irreplaceable cultural resources
  • Raise awareness to the damage done by artifact hunters
  • Bring attention to preserving culturally and historically significant (but otherwise unknown) sites
  • Discourage site vandalism and the sale of antiquities

The preservation of New Mexico's archaeological resources is important for the purposes of conservation, scientific study, and interpretation.  In addition, some heritage resources have spiritual or traditional significance for Native Americans.  Site stewards provide an on-site presence for remote areas that have experienced increased visitation and the threat of vandalism.

The New Mexico Site Steward Program is a volunteer organization supported by local community members.  The program is sponsored by the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and it is administered by the San Juan County Museum Association, which oversees Salmon Ruins operations.  A cooperative agreement is also in place with the New Mexico State Land Office to allow visitation of sites located on New Mexico State Trust Lands.

The program seeks volunteers with a strong interest in cultural resources and a love of the outdoors.  If you are interested in becoming a site steward, find out more now!  Join us in our efforts to preserve our cultural heritage.

Using the links, read more about what site stewards do, what is expected, and how you can participate in preserving our irreplaceable history for future generations...